Student Support / Beyond Academics


Entrepreneurship Development Club

The Entrepreneurship Development Club was registered with Directorate of Industries and Commerce under the Entrepreurship Development Club programme of Department of industries and Commerce, Govt of Kerala. The Club aims at developing entrepreneurship culture among the student community and also equips them with skills and techniques to become successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The Club promotes self employment possibilities through classes in Tailoring, Flower making, Advertisement Designing, Preparation of detergents, cleaners and so on. To enhance the marketing ability motivate students and also to promote the concept of Earn while you Learn exhibitions cum fairs are arranged within the college.

Bhoomithrasena Club

Bhoomithrasena Club has been established in the College in the academic year 2010-2011 under the State Plan scheme for the colleges of the State for strengthening the commitments of students towards environmental protection. The main activity of the club is focused on understanding and sensitizing the society on the environmental concerns of the local areas. Department of Environment and Climate Change provides fund and guidelines for the smooth functioning of the Club. A faculty is appointed as the Faculty-in-Charge (FIC) of the College for the coordination of the Club activites. In order to generate awareness of various environmental issues different programmes like awareness class by experts in the field, competitions, Cleaning programme inside and outside the campus, planting of tree saplings, seed throwing drive , Nature trip and Nature camp etc. are undertaken by the Club.

Fine Arts Club

Students are given adequate opportunities for their allround development encouraging them to participate in various

Health and yoga Club

promotes general health of the students providing Yoga Programme, in which the tips for Stress Management, Concentration Techniques etc. are given

Tourism Club

Kerala is one of the most sought destinations in the global tourism map. The need of conserving and preserving the natural and cultural resources has been the central focus of the state activities .The promotion and development of tourism in kerala has been generating employment opportunities, preserving environment ,promoting cultural heritage etc . Apart from income generation, the tourism aspects help in boosting the civic sense of the individuals.

The innovative programs of District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) has been creating awareness among students and the public as well. It resulting in the active participation of tourism activities in the state. In connection with encouraging tourism activities, St.Mary’s college also took part by affiliating tourism club to DTPC since 2005, under the active involvement of Smt. Celine P C , the associate professor of Department of History. The celebrations of renowned days are fostering the general awareness about the global tourism progress among the students. The main goal of the club is to create rational approach towards environment and nature, also to explore nature. it contribute towards national integration and international amity. The club encourages the students to identify and locate the potential tourist spots in the district. It enhances the Cultural identity of the students at a very early age.

IT Club

organizes programmes on Information Technology to help the students for developing the computer skills, web designing etc.

Library & Literary Club

encourages the College community to develop a close friendship with books and inculcates reading habit in students by conducting “Book Review” and “Book Talks” of famous writers. It also motivates students to write articles in various journals and periodicals. Speakers’ and Writers’ Forum functions under this club to nurture the hidden talents of the students. It aims at the emergence of efficient speakers and creative writers through literary activities

Archaeology Club

Gives an insight into the socio-cultural aspect of History to students. It organizes various programmes including exhibition on historical events in collaboration with “Archaeological Survey of India” and visit important archaeological sites.

Road Safety Club

Organizes awareness programmes on road safety measures in collaboration with “Community Police Wing”. It handles reported issues regarding harassment against girls while travelling.

Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon Club, funded by The Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS), is a movement started by the Department of Biotechnology, St Mary’s college through which, students will spread awareness over HIV / AIDS. It envisages to instill charity mind among all the students to extend their able help towards developing healthy life styles, donating blood to all the needy by promotion of Regular voluntary blood donation. To dwindle the consequence of this, Red Ribbon Club in association with Department of Biotechnology has organized invited lecture on “Positive speaking on HIV/correct knowledge, stigma and discrimination and opening up and right guidance”, street plays, flash mobs etc.

Quiz Club

The Quiz club aims to identify students who have a flair for quizzing among the students who join the College every year. The Quiz Club acts as a platform for exercising one's curiosity, connecting the dots, thinking out-of-the-box, arriving at an answer and expressing it creatively within split seconds while working in teams to win the competitions. The main purpose of the club is to update the knowledge of the students in various fields like academics, general knowledge, analytical abilities, quantitative reasoning etc.

  • To popularize quizzing activities among students
  • To identify students talented in quiz and create opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills
  • To encourage the students to participate in various intercollegiate and state level competitions
  • To provide information about the present scenario of quizzing
Activities 2018-19

Students represented the college in following quiz programmes outside the college

  • Hotspot Quiz League organized by IAS Hotspot Academy
  • Gandhi Quiz – District Level at District Khadi and Village Industries Office
  • Gandhi Quiz, State level at Khadi Board, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Intercollegiate Gandhi Quiz at University of Calicut
  • Intercollegiate Quiz at District Youth Centre, Thrissur
  • Intercollegiate Quiz at Vimala College, Thrissur
  • All Kerala Intercollegiate Quiz at St. Aloysius College, Elthuruth
  • Vismitha K S of II P G History & Sreelakshmi S of I P G History secured first prize in District Level Gandhi Quiz organized by District Khadi and Village Industries Office and participated in the state level Gandhi Quiz
  • Vismitha K S of II P G History & Sreelakshmi S of I P G History secured prize in intercollegiate Quiz organized by Vimala College, Thrissur.
Activities 2017-18

Conducted St. Euphresia Quiz on 12th August 2017 in collaboration with St. Euphresia pilgrim centre

Organised General quiz on 24th November 2017, 12th December 2017 and 5th March 2018

Students represented the college in following quiz programmes outside the college

  • Online Independence day Quiz
  • Third Inter Collegiate Energy Quiz Competition organized by Energy Conservation Society at St. Thomas College
  • District wise quiz competition, GENIUS 2018, organized by University of Calicut at Jawahar Balabhavan, Thrissur
  • Quiz for college students in connection with "beti bachao beti padhao plan" at Town Hall, Thrissur
  • Science Quiz at St. Thomas College, Thrissur
  • Science Quiz at Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur
  • General quiz at St. Aloysius College, Elthuruth
  • General quiz at Sree Krishna College


Planning Forum is an integral part of Economics Department. It provides a platform for the students to be aware of changes around the globe. The forum also helps the students to get an insight to the plan process and path of economic development attained by our country. Variety activities like seminars, debates, quiz, group discussions etc. are organized for all6 round development of the students and also to ensure healthy competition among them.

Blood Donor’s Forum of the College functions effectively under the department of Bio-technology. They organize Blood Donation Camps in the College in collaboration with IMA, in which staff and students donate blood generously. A data-bank of the Blood Group of St. Marians is kept in the College office

Science Forum plays a very significant role to update the general knowledge of the students and to equip them with necessary data about the modern scientific innovations. Frequent meetings, talks, exhibition, quiz competitions, discussions, debates etc. are effectively conducted by this association.

Research Forum To encourage and inculcate research aptitude among students St. Mary’s College Thrissur introduced Research Forum and departments actively encouraged students to participate in various research oriented programs and also to present their works in various seminars. College conducted research motivational talks to the students. Third year degree students and post graduate students from science and arts participated in various research oriented programs. As a part of research forum students were given an orientation towards CSIR-NET classes by various departments. Students were encouraged to present research works in various seminars and student publications were also encouraged. Department of microbiology encouraged the research skills among students by conducting paper presentations every fortnightly Thursdays from reputed journals. This made students to understand various research activities in respective field. Department of Biochemistry encouraged and mentored students to participate in YUVA mastermind competition conducted by Malayala Manorama. Guidance were given to students in writing project proposals and also to develop new products based on the need of the day. Department of Botany encouraged students to attend various seminars and students to publish their work. Department of Chemistry takes an initiative for the students to do their projects in various institutes and introduce students to a research environment. College organised a research oriented talk on IPR for introducing students regarding the importance of Intellectual property rights.

Science Forum

It plays a very significant role to update the general knowledge of the students and to equip them with necessary data about the modern scientific innovations. Frequent meetings, talks, exhibition, quiz competitions, discussions, debates etc. are effectively conducted by this association.

Activities 2018-19
  • Exhibition on Dam Mysteries - Zapora 2K19 on 1st February 2019

The event comprises innovative and lively models. Firstly, the viewers were introduced to all the 43 dams in Kerala by listing and plotting their locations on the map of Kerala. The secret behind the construction of dams and the measures for protection of dams is explained with models and charts. The eye soothing grace of the Malampuzha garden was also put to life and promote dam tourism. The principles and mechanism behind the production of hydroelectric power was displayed. An art gallery showing the timeline of all dams in Kerala was followed by a presentation covering every aspects of a dam including its role in the recent Kerala flood. The prominent dams in Kerala were illustrated through models and collage. The destruction that the collapse of Mullaperiyar can cause and a lively model of the flood affected model of Chalakudy region were demonstrated. The game zone added fun to the event. ACV News channel and Newspapers such as Malayala manorama, Mathrubhumi and Deepika reported the event.

Activities 2017-18
  • Poster Presentation on the Life & quotes of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

A journey through the life and quotes of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is organized in the open stage from 9.00 AM to 3.15 PM. APJ Abdul Kalam, the ‘missile man’ who came to be known as ‘People’s President’ died on 27 July 2015 after he collapsed during a lecture at the IIM in Shillong. A lifelong scientist, Kalam’s prominent role in India’s 1998 nuclear weapons tests established him as a national hero. As President, Kalam utilised any opportunity that came to him to address students, especially school children, to dream big so that they became achievers in life. The exhibition is arranged to motivate young minds through his life and quotes.

Activities 2016-17
  • Exhibition on Pulses – Pathayam on 14 December 2016

The different pulses include nearly 21 types of pulses like pea, chick pea, green peas, rajma, chitrarajma, soya etc. The farming of pulses, weather and soil conditions for their effective growth, their nutritional values are exhibited. Pulses floral carpet and model of Thrissur round and Vadakkum Nathan temple with pulses add the beauty of the exhibition. Different food items made from pulses are exhibited and saled in the Thattukada section which motivate all to eat pulses and love pulses. In addition to Cartoons, Quotes and Poems, a Film show on the nutritional values of Pulses is also screened. ACV News channel, TCV and Newspapers such as Malayala manorama, Mathrubhumi and Deepika reported the event.

Activities 2015-16
  • Invited Talk on Solar Panel and uses of solar energy by Mr. Anto Chirayath, Electronic Technician on 17th September 2015 from 12.30 pm-1.30 pm in the Jubilee Hall

  • Talk on Ill-effects of Fireworks & Upkeep of Clean Environment by Prof. K R Janardhanan, Retd. HOD of chemistry, N.S.S College, Nenmara on 11th March 2016 from 9.30 am-11.00 am in the Jubilee Hall

  • Poster Presentation on the Life & quotes of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

October 15 being the birth anniversary of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, A journey through the life and quotes of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is organized in the open stage from 9.00 AM to 3.15 PM. APJ Abdul Kalam, the ‘missile man’ who came to be known as ‘People’s President’ died on 27 July 2015 after he collapsed during a lecture at the IIM in Shillong.

  • Quiz on Nobel Prize Winners-2016

The aim of this program is the enhancement of student-faculty interactive partnerships to strengthen education. The unique nature of the quiz is the nature of the participating teams which consists of one faculty, one PG student and 2 UG students. The expected outcome of this programme is to develop a research culture in the college that will occur through the close interaction of the faculty with the students by sharing their time, expertise and intelligence. The Quiz on Nobel Prize Winners is held on 19th February 2016 which is sponsored by Sopanam, Dr. C V Krishnan & Mrs. Nalini P Krishnan Charitable Trust, Thrissur.


Women’s cell organises various programmes in the college to create awareness among the student community about current issues related to women and also for empowerment of women. The cell works for the personality development of students and motivates them to be dutiful citizens of tomorrow. The Cell stands for the Motto -Enrich and Empower

Innovative Cell looks forward to enhance the innovative abilities of the faculty and students by motivating them and providing them with resources to bring out their potential. The cell also aims to commercialize the output for the betterment of the country.

Shaping Values

Values we hold are an important part of our life. They may be religious, cultural and moral. We offer catechism and value education classes to mould and enhance moral values of students

Catechism Education

Catechetical values are intended to promote the knowledge of faith, liturgical education, moral formation, and teaching on prayer. Our college provides opportunities for transmission of the gospel message and experience the fullness of Christian life, in an organic and systematic way. Catechism classes were started in the month of July in every academic year. Specific bible portions were allotted for UG and PG students to implant awareness in gospel. St Mathew, chapters 10-19 were given to UG students and St Mathew, chapters 10-19 & Revelations, Chapters 10-22 were given to PG students. Study materials were provided to the students to make them familiar with the lives of Saints. Various short films and thoughtful talks were arranged for the inculcation of catechetical values.

  • Catechism and Vachanamezhuth examinations of the I, II &III UG students were held on 2/2/18
  • Catechism and Vachanamezhuth examinations of the I&II PG students were held on 6/2/18. Prizes were distributed for the toppers

Catechism Committee consists of the following members

  • Smt Shiny V K
  • Smt Jinu Josy
  • Smt Elizabeth P Thomas
  • Smt Jincy Francis

Value Education

St Mary’s College takes utmost care to instill moral and spiritual values in young marians besides excellent education. Value education classes are conduted weekly on every Monday from 2.20 pm -3.15 pm. Prescribed text books are followed for UG and PG students. At the end of the year, evaluation is done by examination and certificates are distributed to the topper and other students who score the pass mark. In addition to the weekly classes, tutorial and classes based on moral, spiritual, social values are also conducted to help students to acquiretrue knowledge and wisdom in their life. Life guidance and other programmes including motivational talks and short film shows are also conducted for all students to cater their needs.

Seminars Organised

Sl.No Date Department Name of the Seminar Level Collaboration
1 08 December 2017 Social Work Media workshop State Mathrubhumi SEED & KAPS
2 12 December 2018 History Kerala Samskarika Charitrathil Kerlalathinte Panku State Arnos Pathiri Academy Velur
3 23-25 November 2017 Mathematics Workshop of Graph Domination and Labelling National KMA
4 12 December 2017 Department of Computer Science And Applications “Culturing Entrepreneurship With Digital Fabrication And Fablabs”- Annual Seminar Series ( Byteclix-2017) College
5 7-8 February 2017 Zoology National Seminar on Habitat Restoration and Butterfly Conservation National KSCSTE
6 7 February 2017 Economics Keep the Earth Alive University
7 19 December 2016 Department of Computer Science And Applications National Level Annual Seminar Series (Byteclix-2016) National
8 1 November 2016 Zoology Trainig Programme to Teachers on Butterfly Gardening State KSCSTE
9 27 September 2016 History Archaeology :New Trends and Perspectives National sASI
10 20 July 2016 B.Voc Software Development Futuristic Software Development Pratices State
11 20 July 2016 Non teaching Non teaching State
12 20 July 2016 B.VOC International International
13 8-9 October 2015 Computer Application/ Computer Sciences National Seminar on Data Mining in Cloud Computing National UGC Sponsoreds
14 29-30 September 2015 History National Seminar on Signature of Women in Environment Protection : A History of Abiding Struggles in India National UGC Sponsored
15 15-16 September 2015 Economics National Seminar on Infrastructure and Economic Development: Present Scenario, Challenges and Future Options National UGC Sponsored Collaboration - South Indian Bank
16 15 September 2015 Vocational Studies National Workshop on “Review Evaluation and Action Plan for UGC Community colleges and B.Voc centers in the state of Kerala” National NSDC and SSC, New Delhi
17 19 August 2015 Chemistry National Seminar on Recent Advances in Chemistry National UGC Sponsored collaboration with C- MET Athani
18 1 Aug 2015 Social Work National Seminar on Learning Disorders and Its Effective Management by Enhancement of Mental Ability with Behavioral Technology National Manasika Academy of Psychological Studies