Student Support / Cells & Forums


Women’s cell

organises various programmes in the college to create awareness among the student community about current issues related to women and also for empowerment of women. The cell works for the personality development of students and motivates them to be dutiful citizens of tomorrow. The Cell stands for the Motto -Enrich and Empower

Innovative Cell

Innovative Cell Looks forward to enhance the innovative abilities of the faculty and students by motivating them and providing them with resources to bring out their potential. The cell also aims to commercialize the output for the betterment of the country.

IPR Cell

St. Mary’s College Thrissur started IPR cell so as to protect the creations from the college. Intellectual property rights are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. Intellectual property rights are customarily divided into two main areas:
(i) Copyright and rights related to copyright.
The rights of authors of literary and artistic works (such as books and other writings, musical compositions, paintings, sculpture, computer programs and films) are protected by copyright, for a minimum period of 50 years after the death of the author. Here the works by staff and students of college are encouraged by protecting their rights.
(ii) Industrial property Industrial property can usefully be divided into two main areas:

  • The protection of distinctive signs, in particular trademarks (which distinguish the goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings) and geographical indications
  • Other types of industrial property are protected primarily to stimulate innovation, design and the creation of technology. Here the technology from all departments are encouraged. In this category fall inventions (protected by patents), industrial designs and trade secrets.
  • The social purpose is to provide protection for the results of research works conducted in particular area and its development as a new product so that the technology reaches from bench to the society.

Assistance for Differently Abled (ADA)

The Assistance for Differently Abled Cell functions for the welfare of the differently abled students in the college. The cell was formed in the academic year 2018 - 19 and continues to function for the 2nd year running. The aim of the cell is to enhance the skills of the differently abled students to their maximum potential and also to meet the needs of their mind. The students are given individual counseling sessions where they can express their fears, anxieties, and stress. These sessions will help them to overcome worries regarding their disabilities, accept themselves, enhance their self-concept and stand on their own feet to cherish dreams.

As part of the activities of the cell, the differently abled students are assessed on their level of aspiration by administering a simple psychological test, followed by a counseling session which aims to provide the students to get an insight of their strengths and weaknesses and make them to set realistic and achievable goals for future. A total of eleven students on the college have been identified as being differently abled till date and these students are given assistance in ways unique to their disabilities.


Planning Forum

Planning Forum is an integral part of Economics Department. It provides a platform for the students to be aware of changes around the globe. The forum also helps the students to get an insight to the plan process and path of economic development attained by our country. Variety activities like seminars, debates, quiz, group discussions etc. are organized for all6 round development of the students and also to ensure healthy competition among them.

Blood Donor’s Forum

Blood Donor's forum of the College functions effectively under the department of Bio-technology. They organize Blood Donation Camps in the College in collaboration with IMA, in which staff and students donate blood generously. A data-bank of the Blood Group of St. Marians is kept in the College office


Science Forum

It plays a very significant role to update the general knowledge of the students and to equip them with necessary data about the modern scientific innovations. Frequent meetings, talks, exhibition, quiz competitions, discussions, debates etc. are effectively conducted by this association.


Dr.Litty Mathew Irimpan -Department of Physics
Dr. Deepa G Muricken - Department of Bio-Chemistry
Smt. Elizabeth Thomas - Department of Microbiology


Research Forum

To encourage and inculcate research aptitude among students St. Mary’s College Thrissur introduced research forum and departments actively encouraged students to participate in various research oriented programs and also to present their works in various seminars. College conducted research motivational talks to the students. Third year degree students and post graduate students from science and arts participated in various research oriented programs. As part of research forum students were given an orientation towards CSIR- NET classes by various departments. Students were encouraged to present research works in various seminars and student publications were also encouraged. Department of microbiology encouraged the research skills among students by conducting paper presentations every fortnightly Thursdays from reputed journals. This made students to understand various research activities in respective field. Students were made to analyse water samples for the microbiological analysis as a part of research extension programme. Department of Biochemistry encouraged and mentored students to participate in YUVA mastermind competition conducted by Malayala Manorama. Guidance were given to students in writing project proposals and also to develop new products based on the need of the day. Department of Botany encouraged students to attend various seminars and students to publish their work. Department of Chemistry takes an initiative for the students to do their projects in various institutes and introduce students to a research environment. College organised a research oriented talk on Intellectual Property Rights for introducing students regarding the importance of Intellectual property rights. Both Arts and Science departments actively encourage students to participate in research in relevant areas.


Dr.Deepa G Murickan -Department of Biochemistry