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Unnath Bharath Abhiyan (UBA)

Unnath Bharath Abhiyan (UBA) is a programme inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development process by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build architecture of an inclusive India; under the central ministry of Human Resource Development. Among the higher educational institutions in India, only 60 institutions were selected for this profile and St Mary’s is very happy and proud to be one among those selected institutions. According to the directions, 5 panchayaths were adopted by the college, and activities were carried out under the co-ordination of Dr.Binu K. The adopted panchayaths are kolazhy,adatt, Mulangunnathu Kavu, Mullakkara and Thekkumkara.

As the need of the time, the UBA accepted the mission of renovating the flood affected areas of our adopted villages, in participation with the respective governing body. Awareness on Monsoon diseases, counseling to women and children among the Flood victims, distribution of food and cleaning materials, Post-Factum analysis etc are carried out. All departments and NCC actively participated in all the activities of UBA. All further activities were linked all further activities with the Government initiatives. Panchayath wise Marian Flood Relief Campaign 2018 was performed in Unnath Bharath Abhiyan (UBA) is a programme inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development process by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build architecture of an inclusive India; under the central ministry of Human Resource Development. Among the higher educational institutions in India, only 60 institutions were selected for this profile and St Mary’s is very happy and proud to be one among those selected institutions. According to the directions, 5 panchayaths were adopted by the college, and activities were carried out under the co-ordination of Dr.Binu K. The adopted panchayaths are kolazhy,adatt, Mulangunnathu Kavu, Mullakkara and Thekkumkara.

Panchayath wise Marian Flood Relief Campaign 2018 was pereformed in Adatt Grama Panchayath, Kolazhy, Mulankunnathu Kaavu, Madakkathara and Adatt- Ayanikkad.

Department of Microbiology

Department of Microbiology, on 15th August 2018, in association with UBA, Department of Microbiology conducted independance day celebrations at Punnamparambu village of Thekkumkara panchayat. Students performed a short skit which highlighted the necessity to be vigilant during the monsoon season. It also put forward some safety measures to be followed during the rainy season, like, keeping the surroundings clean, using mosquito nets and to not let water collect in any stray containers. After the skit, the microbiology department gifted the anganvadi children with umbrellas and toffees, making the children smile with joy.

Staff members and students of Department of Microbiology were active volunteers in different Flood relief related activities. Flood affected houses and premises were cleaned as part of the mission. Also wells in houses were chlorinated to prevent water borne diseases. Students also participated in UBA cleaning mission carried out at Ayinikkad Gramapanchayath. Several houses and premises were cleaned, cleaning materials and disinfectants were distributed, and also chlorination of wells were done. During flood, chemical fertilizer leakage had happened in Panamukku ward of Thrissur Corporation which had made the water in nearby wells non- portable. So drinking was supplied to these regions on 29/ 8/2018. 100 cans each of 10 litres were provided. I DC students, Mrs Elizabeth P Thomas and Dr Mabel Merlen Jacob (Faculty members) volunteered the packing, transportation and supply of drinking water in Panamukku area.

On 11th October 2018, Department of Microbiology in association with Eldermarian’s Association and Department of Botany organised a free eye camp in collaboration with Malabar eye hospital, Thrissur. The programme was conducted at Pattikkad GLP School. Free consultation was done by Dr. Ambili (MBBS, DO) and Assistants, Malabar eye hospital, Thrissur, Kerala for the students and parents. Those who diagnosed with eye vision issues were redirected to Malabar eye hospital for further consultation.

Dr. Kavitha S Kumar, Biochemistry department was the Coordinator for the Chekutty making workshop on 22.11.2018 in connection with World Heritage Week-2018 and Quami Ekta Week-2018 organized by Archeological Survey of India, Thrissur Circle at St Mary’s College for the post flood rehabilitation.


Students and faculties from all departments participated and distributed 3200 packets of food to the poor and needy on the streets

Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology organized Blood donation camp in collaboration with IMA and NSS, St. Mary’s College, Thrissur was conducted on 12/7/2018.

Science Popularization Programme

As a part of Science Popularization Programme, Ms. Aswathy J K and Ms. Blessy Peter, II MSc. Biotechnology took class on “Solid Waste Management Methods” for High School students of Sacred Hearts CGHSS and Holy Family CGHSS on 2/7/2018 and 4/10/2018 respectively.

Alzheimer’s Day

Alzheimer’s Day was observed by organizing a visit to “Smritipadam” Alzheimer’s Day Care Centre, Kunnamkulam by I UG and PG students on 3/10/2018.

Inter collegiate campus recruitment drive

Inter collegiate campus recruitment drive by Zifo RnD Solutions, Chennai for life science students were conducted on 25/10/2018.

Remodelling of worn-out plastics

Training on remodelling of worn-out plastics for kudumbashree unit members by Smt. Mary Jose was organized on 23/11/2018

AIDS awareness programme

AIDS awareness programme was conducted by a flashmob by the I UG students at Vadakkumnathan temple premises on 1/12/2018.

Distribution of biobin

Distribution of biobin to Parasuram Neel apartment residents as a part of Science Popularization Programme on 10/12/2018 for food waste composting

Plastic wastes including carry bags, bottles, used pens etc. collected from college campus and houses of students and staff was handed over to Haritha Karma Sena of Thrissur Corporation on 12/12/2018

Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce actively participated in flood relief activity. As a part of flood relief activities students and a faculty member of commerce department participated in the cleaning campaign conducted by St Mary’s college Thrissur, other clubs, charitable trusts and friends groups and other colleges in various places from 17th August 2018 to 23rd August 2018. Teachers and students went there to help flood affected people to clean their house and premises, chlorinate the well and water resources and also helps to pack food items and necessaries to the various camps opened in Thrissur district. They extend their helping hands to various area in the Thrissur district viz, vaka, Punkunnam, Thrissur town, Chevoor, Valakkavu and Ainikkad.

Department of History

As part of extension activity Department of History was presented a historical drama named “Pattabaakki” –a play written by K Damodharanwas a Marxist theoretician and writer and one of the founder leaders of the Communist Party in Kerala, India. This play directly took up the issue of class struggle between landlords and tenants. It was presented in the G.U.P. S Konnathakunnu, Vellangallur. PTA executive members and parents supported this event. It was an attempt to exploit theatre as a means of reaching vast audiences for purposes of education, publicity, and propaganda.

Department of Management Studies

As a part of social welfare activity, Department of Management Studies, St Mary’s college Thrissur Visited St, Joseph’s old age home, Pullazhi on 7th November 2017. A team of thirty-five students and two faculties interacted with inmates. A contribution was collected and given to the authority. Students collected many daily usable items like toothpaste, soap, bath towels etc. Those were handed over to Sr.Saly, Mother Superior of St, Joseph’s old age home Pullazhi. Small cultural program was performed by our students for the inmates. The few hours spent there was a heart touching experience for the students.

Department of Botany

Department of Botany conducted Cultural exchange programme between villagers of Dhanu, Maharashtra and students of St Mary’s college Thrissur on July 3rd 2018.


Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

The College was selected for the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, an initiative of MHRD to promote development of rural areas –Adat, Mulankunnathukavu, Kolazhy, Thekkumkara, Madakkathara Panchayats were selected after discussion with Panchayath Raj Institution and government officials. Programs have been initiated for the upliftment of the people in the selected areas.

GPS Survey

Students collected high precision GPS data for the first GPS Survey in Kerala at Peramangalam Panchayath.

Crime mapping

Crime mapping was carried out in Pudukkad Panchayat and Police patrolling has been initiated as an outcome of the study.

Child friendly initiatives and Child rights for you

Child friendly initiatives and Child rights for you Program at Kadukutty and Aloor Panchayath of Thrissur District

Awareness on Substance abuse

Awareness on Substance abuse and Street Play on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Collaboration with Lions’ Club Thrissur at Nenmanikkara Panchayath

Waste Management

Waste Management Initiatives at Nenmanikkara Panchayath

Social Security Schemes Assistance and Submission Program

Social Security Schemes Assistance and Submission Program at Mylipadam Ward, Thrissur

Crop Management Program

Crop Management Program for tribals at Attapadi

Marian Community Employment Generation Programme

Marian Community Employment Generation Programme- Tailoring classes for equipping Women for self-employment generation

Children’s corner at Kolazhy Panchayath

Panchayath Library Renovation with emphasis on children’s education

Formation of Bala Sabhas

Formation of Bala Sabhas at Kodakkara Panchayath.

Cancer awareness and prevention program

Exhibition on Colon cancer, hair donation camp to make natural wigs available for poor cancer patients in association with Hair Bank, Thrissur. Resource mobilization for cancer patients at Attapadi, Street play at DBCLC in collaboration with Social Action organisation, Thrissur diocese, awareness programme at Kodakara panchayath and so on.

Swachh Barath Mission Internship

Swachh Barath Mission Internship–various programs included a Short Film production based on the theme ‘Swachh Bharath’, Cleaning Programme at Sahithya Academy Thrissur, Poster Making and Essay Writing competition, Speech Competition on ‘What can I do to make my India clean?’ and conducted a rally with slogans which inspires the spirit of National Integrity and cleaned up Thekkinkad Round, cleaning programme in District Collectorate, Ayanthole and Taluk Office Thrissur and arranged various other activities for environment conservation. 78 students completed the programme which included variety environment friendly initiatives.

Butterfly garden establishment

Butterfly garden establishment A butterfly garden has been established in the State Museum and Zoo for the popularization of butterfly conservation. Set up the butterfly garden in Anganavadi of adopted village Kolazhi.

Healthy & Sustainable Urban Livelihood Program

Demonstration session on procedures for creating urban vegetable gardens to Kudumbasree members using organic manure

Exhibition on Organic farming

Exhibition on organic methods of farming, hi- tech farming, organic manure and pesticide preparation and sale of vegetables and seeds

Popularisation of medicinal plants

Popularisation of medicinal plants by arranging a stall of 100 medicinal plants in the Flower Show conducted by Thrissur Agri-Horticultural Society held at Thekkinkad Ground

Establishment of Biodiversity Garden plants to schools

Establishment of Biodiversity Garden plants to schools -Distributed more than 600 plants for establishing Biodiversity Gardens in 25 Schools. Plants belonging to different groups like medicinal plants, hydrophytes and xerophytes were distributed

Aids awareness programme

Organised awareness talks, street plays, stage performances

Water quality analysis

Potability of water as well as faecal contamination was analysed from different localities

Blood donation camp

Blood donation camp and Blood group identification camps were organised

E-Waste Clearance Mission

E-Waste Clearance Mission for clearing e waste from campus and houses

Heritage Shows

Heritage Shows- Historical Drama Performance at Govt.U.P. School, Konathakunnu and Postal Stamp and Exhibition of Freedom Fighters St Mary’s Convent UP School ,Chiyaram

Okhi relief assistance

Okhi relief assistance to the people affected by severe cyclonic storm Okhi at Eriyad and Kodungalloor. A fund of Rs 87750 obtained as a relief fund from staff and students was distributed as 135 relief materials packages including rice, dal, grocery. Each pack worth approximately Rs 650 was distributed to the people affected in Eriyad and Kodungalloor

Eye camp

Eye camp for the public was arranged in collaboration with Alumnae at St. Theresa L.P School, Kanimangalam. The camp was attended by more than 200 people. Preliminary eye testing was done and free treatment and spectacles were provided for the needy. An eye camp in association with Shreyas at Wayand and an Eye camp with ASSO at Attappadi was also conducted.

Distribution of school accessories

Distribution of school accessories - As a part of community extension, students and teachers of Microbiology department donated 30 umbrellas worth Rs. 5000/- to the Lower and Upper Primary School Students of St Mary’s Convent U.P. School, Chiyyaram, and under Snehasparsham programme, Department of Chemistry, distributed bags and umbrella to economically poor students

Demonstration of newly developed Master Bin

Demonstration of newly developed Master Bin and awareness talk on waste management was given to Co-operative road residents Association by Department of Biochemistry.

Extension and training classes by students

Extension and training classes by students to the community included Stress Management Class and Motivational talk on personality development and successful life for the girls of Daral Hudha Islamic University, Chemmad, Malappuram, and for the students of Kattipparuthi Madrassa, Malappuram, Special training for children with Learning Disabilities was also provided

Swastha Shudhi

Swastha Shudhi- Sustainable, Innovative and Scientific Solid Waste Management- Programme included distribution of pot vermicomposting kit to members of different Kudumbasree units, training on methods of composting, distribution of leaflets on maintenance of pot vermi compost, exhibition of various composting methods in association with Clean City group, Thrissur

Sensitizing students towards public needs

Public pond cleaning, household waste management awareness program for Kudambsree members, Vermicomposting for healthy living


Distributed 3200 packets of food to the poor and needy on the streets

Production of short documentary on themes of social relevance

Homecare Treatment Program

Our volunteers rendered their self-less services to the patients for palliative care by visiting their home and providing help and support

Participation in Blind Walk

Participation in Blind Walk organised in association with Jubilee Mission Medical College and product vision as a part of World Sight Day

L’Aria fresca

Clean Campus Clean City -Variety environment conservation activities were organised