Student Support / Counselling


A lack of trust may decrease an individual’s participation in the counselling process or may even threaten or scare them. Creating an environment of trust and confidence in the campus is what is created by the efficient team of counselling at St Mary’s College, Thrissur. A Counselling Unit that consists of trained counsellors, Sr Grace Thomas, Sr Stenny Grace, Sr Rose Ann and Sr Noel functions in the college to deal with personal, emotional and Psychological problems encountered by students. Counselling is confidential and all the students are given a chance to meet the counsellors, Sr Grace Thomas and Sr Stenny Grace are always available for consultation in the campus and also all the students on a rotation basis attend the counselling sessions at least twice a year. If an emergency occurs students are directed to the counselling team by the tutors. There is an opportunity for meeting the specialist if there is a necessity. Students who require medical help are referred to specialists.