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Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary subject, which has got applications in various fields from medicine to agriculture and other environmental impacts. The concept encompasses a wider range and history of procedures for modifying living organisms according to human purposes, going back to domestication of animals, cultivation of plants and "improvements" to these through breeding programs.

A great milestone in the academic history of St. Mary’s college was the introduction of B.Sc Biotechnology course sponsored by the UGC. The course was inaugurated by Sri. Thomas Jacob, Vice President, AVT Biotechnology Division, Kochi on 28.8.2000. The M.Sc. course in Biotechnology was inaugurated in 2003 and the modified laboratory was blessed by Mar Andrews Thazhath, Arch Bishop of Thrissur. The motto of the department is ‘Tools to gorge a better tomorrow’, and the mission is to implement this through academic and co-curricular activities. The department laboratory has got all basic facilities. In addition to it, the department has got enthusiastic faculties who are available to the students for academic and personnel counseling. We guide our students to think and implement research ideas independently, to participate in various projects both interdepartmental as well as in other prestigious institutions like RGCB, KFRI, Rubber Board and various laboratories like Oushadhi, Genehelix, Astragenica. Department has collaboration with Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI), College of Horticulture, Kerala Agricultural University (KAU), Indian Medical Association (IMA), Red ribbon club KSACS.


Encouraging and ensuring innovations in society for sustainable management of environment and understanding life processes


Redefining life, Enhancing the knowledge base and generating a highly skilled human resource, by intersecting and unlocking the strength of biology and technology for empowering mankind. Sources are everywhere around us; we just need to find the way to exploit them sustainably.

History of the Department

The college started functioning with degree courses and intermediate for Science and History in 1946. In 1961 B. Sc. course in Zoology was introduced. In 1967 this course was shifted to Vimala college and pre- degree courses continued existence. The department started supplementary course in Zoology in 1981 when Botany main was introduced. An Add-on course on fish farming was sanctioned in 2007 and functioned till 2013 with Certificate, Diploma and Advanced diploma course.


  • The Science Popularization Programme “Swastha Shudhi” – Sustainable, Innovative and Scientific Solid Waste Management under the support and sponsorship of KSCSTE
  • Blood donation camps organized twice a year at St. Mary’s College, Thrissur in collaboration with Indian Medical Association
  • World AIDS Day observation with various awareness programme in association with Red ribbon club and collaboration with Indian Medical Association.


  • As part of the Science Popularization Programme supported and sponsored by KSCSTE, the department distributed 50 vermicomposting kits to the various kudumbashree units and flats for effective solid waste management.
  • National Science Day celebrations 2016-17 & 2017-18 supported by DST, and sponsored by KSCSTE
  • Received Indian Medical Association (IMA) award for conducting maximum number of voluntary blood donation camps.

Collaboration/ Linkages

Sl. No Name of the Institution Purpose Date
1 Yaazh Xenomics, Coimbatore Placement, Internship,
Training, Student Projects
2 Aeka Biochemicals Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum Placement, Internship,
Training, Student Projects
3 Stellixir Biotech Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore Placement, Internship,
Training, Student Projects



Sl. No Name of the student Rank /Award Organization Level Date/Year
1 NIMMY VINCENT III Rank-M.Sc. Calicut University University 2015-2016
2 JASNI V A I Rank-M.Sc. Calicut University University 2016-2017
3 GAYATHRI M III Rank-B.Sc. Calicut University University 2014-2015
4 AMIE MARIYA JIJItd> I Rank-B.Sc. Calicut University University 2017-2018

Co-curricular & Extra-Curricular

Sl. No Name of the student Rank /Award Event Organization Level Date/Year
1 Maneesha P V Thal Sainik Camp TSC NCC National September 2018
2 Ganga Devi P V Drawing, Painting & Arts competition Thrissur Town Hall intercollegiate 20/10/2017
3 Amrutha P Drawing, Painting & Arts competition Thrissur Town Hall intercollegiate 20/10/2017
4 Nourin Shamnad intercollegiate 2017


Sl. No Name of the student Batch Institution Designation
4 Athira M P 2017 Vimala college Add-on course Teacher
5 Aiswarya k j 2018 KAU, Biotechnology Department Trainee
6 Geethu Ravindran 2018 KAU, Biotechnology Department Trainee
7 Liya Paul 2018 KAU, Biotechnology Department Trainee

Programme (Courses offered)

Major Programmes

Sl. No Name of the Programme Aided/Self Financing Duration Student Strength Complimentary Courses
1 BSc Biotechnology Self-Financing 3 years 36 1.Environmental Biotechnology
2 MSC Biotechnology Self-Financing 2 years 12

Student Capability Enhancement Programmes

Sl. No Name of the Programme Type Duration Student Strength
1 Clay craft and surface ornamentation Skill enhancement 30 hours 40
2 Phyto pharmacognosy CERTIFICATE COURSE 30 hours 36


Seminar / Workshop/ Conference Conducted

Sl.No Title Level Organising/ Funding Agency Date
1 Traning “Remodelling of worn- out Plastics” Community (Kudumbhasree) KSCSTE 23/11/2018
2 Workshop on “Oru veedu oru compost” Community (Kudumbhasree) KSCSTE 12/12/2017


Sl. No Name of the Faculty Title of the content Type of the content Link
1 Dr. Kayeen Vadakkan Stem cell programming Notes Link

Event Calendar

Sl.No Event Title Type Resource Person Event Date
1 Plastic waste management Invited Talk S Sreelal, District co-ordinator, clean kerala company Ltd 5/6/2018
2 New generation seqencing Research Talk Suresh Lingam, Yaazh 8/6/2018
3 Importance of blood donation Documentary 11/6/2018
4 AIDS day observation - Flash mob Awareness program 01/12/2018
5 Blood Donation camp in association with IMA Service event 19/12/2018
6 National youth day celebration (Flash mob) Awareness program 12/01/2019
7 National Girl Child Day of India (Skit- Gender sensitization) Awareness program 24/01/2018
8 National Science Day (Research talk) Competition 11/02/2019 - 15/02/2019
9 Measles Vaccination Day – Awareness talk Awareness program 28/02/2018
10 Observe DNA day – model making competition Competition 05/03/2019
11 Release of department magazine BIOZEST Student talent search program 21/03/2019