Departments / Sanskrit



Knowing of Indian heritage through traditional knoweldge


Cultural uplist of youth through sanskrit learning


This department started 1946 onwards. From there 22 faculty members teach here. Dr. K.I Treesa is currently teaching this course. Here we teach 1st DC Conventional and 1st DC Non- Conventional and DC Conventional batches.

Programme (Courses offered)

Common Course in Sanskrit

  • SK1A07(01) Kavya Literature and Applied Grammer
  • SK1A07(03) Ancient Science, Subhashitas & Grammer
  • SK2A08(01) Prose & Apllied Grammer
  • SK2A09(03) Drama Translation & Grammer
  • SK3A09(01) Drama Alankara
  • SK4A10(01) History of Sanskrit Literature, Kerala Culture & Translation



Sl.No Name of the Faculty Title Duration Organising/ Funding Agency
1 Dr. Meera CR A study on the anti-oxidant
and genoprotective activities of the
edible mushroom Pleurotus Sajor-caju .
2014-2016 UGC
2 Dr. Dhanya K C Green synthesis of silver and gold
nanoarticles using
Bacillus thuringiensis spore suspension.
2014-2016 UGC
3 Dr.Mabel Merlen Jacob Value addition to agro residues
through solid state fermentation:
Production of protease byBacillus species.
2014-2016 UGC

Seminar / Workshop/ Conference Conducted

Sl.No Title Level Organising/ Funding Agency Date
1 A UGC sponsored inter-departmental National Seminar on
"Emerging trends in Biopharmeceuticals"
National UGC 26-27-August 2011
2 A UGC sponsored National Seminar on
"Microbes for Green Environment"
National UGC 21-22 August 2014

Event Calendar

Sl.No Event Title Type Details Event Date
1 International Folklore Conference Seminar Health and Culture: Folk Perspectives in a Modern World� 20/05/2016
2 Sanskrit Day Celebration Talk Dr. P V Narayanan, Assistant Professor, S.S.V.S.Regional Center, Payyannoor 29th July 2016
3 Conducted visit Visit Karuna Human Enforcement Society, Wadakanchery, an NGO for HIV infected persons
4 A talk on �Health in New Era�- Swasthavritta Talk Health in New Era � Swasthavritta by Dr.Anjali U Nair 9th December 2016