Departments / Social Work



Accept the grandeur and the diversification within the society with a strong faith in humanitarian rights and distributive Justice.


  • To prepare skilled professionals devoted to achieve social justice, Human right, and the quality of diversified individual group, families, through the generic social work practice.
  • To form our students with social work knowledge, skill, values, principles to work with different groups in the society.

History of the Department

The Department of Social Work was established in the year 2014.Social Work Department offers a six semester under graduate degree in social work. Two batches have completed the course and more than 90% of the students have been going for Post Graduation. Three year degree as to help the students to acquire professional attitude a combination of theoretical inputs and practice opportunities spreads over six semesters.

The department of social work offers students to innovative, dynamic and challenging profession of social work. Mainly focusing on imparting knowledge, skills, and attitudes, necessary for the practice of social work professions. We will prepare our graduates with the knowledge, skills, and values to work with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities in ways that respect, enhance, and support human dignity, is oriented toward strengths-based and relational understandings and practices, and guided by principles of human rights and social justice. The students manifest their progressive competency, they then can spread for and complete the required semesters.

Collaboration/ Linkages

Sl. No Name of the Institution Purpose Date
1 Kudumbasree Internship 19/10/18-30-12/18
2 Kolazhy Panchayath Internship 01/06/2018-30/05-2019
3 Puthukkad Panchayath Internship 19/10/18-30-12/18
4 Nenmanikara Panchayath Internship 19/10/18-30-12/18
5 Kerala Institute of Local administration Internship 04/01/2019-04/02/2019
6 Ashrayam Rural Development Society Internship 04/01/2019-04/02/2019
7 District Child Protection Unit Internship 04/01/2019-04/02/2019
8 Alfa Pain &Palliative Care Internship 04/01/2019-04/02/2019
9 Reach Swasraya Internship 04/01/2019-04/02/2019
10 Central for Life Skills Learning Internship 04/01/2019-04/02/2019
11 Athma Foundation,Thrissur Internship 04/01/2019-04/02/2019

Co-curricular & Extra-Curricular

Sl. No Name of the student Rank /Award Event Organization Level Date/Year
1 Teena Jose Speech Competition St.Mary’s college,Thrissur District 24/11/2018
2 Susmitha Vasu Essay writing Devamatha Public School, Thrissur State 26/08/2018
3 Hiba Abdhul Latheef Republic pared selection Banglore National 17/08/2018

Programme (Courses offered)

Major Programmes

Sl. No Name of the Programme Aided/Self Financing Duration Student Strength Complimentary Courses
1 BSW Self Financing 3 Years 30 Sociology

Student Capability Enhancement Programmes

Sl. No Name of the Programme Type Duration Student Strength
1 Legal Information Add on course 1 year 29
2 Basic Skills in Counseling Certificate Course 30 Hours 43


Sl. No Name of the Faculty Title of the content Type of the content Link
1 Jincy Francis Propaganda PPT
2 Deepa Francis Social case work PPT
3 Alda Social work PPT
4 Theresa research PPT

Event Calendar

Sl.No Event Title Type Resource Person Event Date
1 Gerdatrics’ day observation Rally, Awareness class Social Justice department 08/06/2018
2 Observation visit Childline ,Thrissur 1st BSW Students 15/09/2018
3 Observation visit Observation 1st BSW Students 13\08\2018
4 Observation of children’s day at ZMLP,School ,kolazhy Observation on children’s day 1st BSW Students 14/11/2018
5 Pain &Palliative family meet Family Meet & Class on palliative care Dr.Radhika 18/10/2018
6 Water Chlorination Flood relief activity 2nd BSW Students 14/09/2018
7 Rural camp Camp 2nd BSW Students 14/09/2018
8 Seminar on Disaster management Seminar Dr.Murali Thumarakudy 18/09/2018
9 Orientation on snehitha Orientation Snehitha project coordinator,Thrissur 09/10/2018
10 Learning disability Identification camp Training programme Nadathara Panchayath 02/12/2018
11 Association inauguration Inauguration Adv.John P .K, District Court Thrissur 22/12/2018
12 ADS meeting Meeting Kudumbasree members 20/10/2018
13 Case study of Linkage Loan Case study Kudumbasree members 24/11/2048
14 Formation of Kudumbasree Formation Kudumbasree members 27/10/2018
15 Vulnerability Mapping Mapping Kudumbasree members 03/10/2018
16 Alfa Pain & palliative care day celebrations Gathering programme Alfa Pain& Paliative care 25/10/2016
17 Observation of Gediatrics day Day observation Social Justice Department ,Thrissur 14/06/2018
18 Karunardram Food packet 26/10/2018
19 Capacity Building programme Training programme Collaboration with State Youth Welfare Board and Centre for life skills 19/01/2019
20 Medical Camp Medical camp Government Homeo Dispensary, Nenmmara ,Vallanghi ,Palakkad 12/01/2019
21 Common summer diseases and preventive ways” in Laloor community hall Awareness Class Co-operation Office,Thrissur 16/03/19
22 Snehapoorvam Observation on Social work day Christ Villa Inmates 24/03/2019


Sl. No Topic Link
1 History of Social Work Profession in India
2 Perception
3 Culture in sociology
4 Qualitative and Quantitative Research
5 Health Care System in India
6 Panchayati Raj System : Local Self Government
7 Leadership: Types and Theories