Student Support / Divyanjan

Assisstance For Differently Abled (ADA)

The Assistance for Differently Abled Cell functions for the welfare of the differently abled students in the college. The cell was formed in the academic year 2017 - 18. The aim of the cell is to enhance the skills of the differently abled students to their maximum potential and also to meet the needs of their mind. The students are given individual counseling sessions where they can express their fears, anxieties, and stress. These sessions will help them to overcome worries regarding their disabilities, accept themselves, enhance their self-concept and stand on their own feet to cherish dreams.

As part of the activities of the cell, the differently abled students are assessed on their level of aspiration by administering a simple psychological test, followed by a counseling session which aims to provide the students to get an insight of their strengths and weaknesses and make them to set realistic and achievable goals for future. A total of eleven students on the college have been identified as being differently abled till date and these students are given assistance in ways unique to their disabilities.


  • Hena Joy, Department of Psychology