The Department of Psychology organized a one-day event, Palibot 2K19, an awareness of ecological influence on the human psyche, on 28th June 2019, Friday. It aims to introduce the branch of eco-psychology within the general public, so that, they can understand the role of nature in mental hygiene. There were three sessions. Nature related video was first screened and it was followed by giving relaxation through guided imagery. This made the audience to attain a state of peace of mind and relaxation, which helped them to have full involvement, and better concentration for the talk later on. The talk focused on nature and mental health, which included various phenomenon in psychology related to environment, like, concept of nature and nurture, emergence of environmental psychology, eco-therapy- its activities and techniques, etc. some tips were also provided regarding how an individual can connect more to mother nature, and how it would help them to improve their mental health. The talk was followed by a simple psychological test which helped them to understand their level of aspiration. The test was individually administered to all participants by the 2nd PG Psychology students. This gave an insight into the participants regarding their potentials and how they can set realistic and achievable goals in their future life.