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St Mary’s College Career Guidance Wing has organized a competitive exam preparation talk on 26/08/2019 in association with St Mary’s college and Deepika Daily. 100 final year students and 2018 pass out students participated. Career guidance talk was an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards the right career path.


Department of History conducted a Postal stamp exhibition at Govt.UP school Karumathra as a part of the 73rd Independence Day Celebration. Stamp exhibition helped in creating awareness for students, about the National Freedom Fighters, their contributions, and sacrifices. Final year students participated under the leadership of Smt. Swapna K.P


Department of History conducted an Extention activity under the guidance of Smt. Swapna K.P and Mr.Jeevan Kolengaden. Around 35 Students from both first PG and 2nd PG have participated in the Heritage walk. Historical places of Thrissur like Kerala Sahitya Academy, Townhall, Lalitha Kala Academy, Vadakkechira and Thrissur Sakhtan Palace were the main attractions of the walk.


St Mary’s opens her gate for flood effected people as a collection center under the guidance of the district collector. In collaboration with St Mary's college and “Oruma” team put forward a helping hand for flood-affected people. Students, staff, and officials took participation in the collection and dispatching of required items. Our college staff accompanied “oruma” for dispatching the required items to Wayanad, Nilampur, and Manathavadi.


In association with Chartered Accountant Day, the Department of Management Studies conducted a talk. The chief guest of the secession was CA Sunanda Monsy K. FCA Bcom PGDT. The secession was conducted to give the young students of 1st and 3rd BBA, 1st B.COM and 1st M.COM about the opportunities and scope of CA. The program started at 11 am and continued for an hour. There was an interactive secession by the resource person and students. Students were curious to know about the course and its details.


Monsoon fest is a great fest in our college. This year we have a supreme goal of helping our sports students who have been selected for International games, which really requires a great amount of money ie, from 3 to 4 lakhs. The College stands together to help them achieve their biggest aim. Monsoon Fest 2K19 is special with its great objective. Inter University Fest is organized as a part of Monsoon Fest which ensures more than 300 participants from other colleges. We also envisage a noble mission of sponsoring education of a deserving student outside our campus.


The Literary Club organised a Handwriting Competition on 21July, 2019 to foster effective writing skills among students and the competition was held in CC1 hall from 2:15 pm till 3: 15 pm. A paragraph and a quote was given to them to copy. Eighty seven students from various departments enthusiastically participated in it. The programme was coordinated by Ms. Sony Chacko.


MECSMC11(compost) was launched by Smt. Ajitha Vijayan, Mayor, Thrissur.MECSMC11 is a Microbial enriched compost developed by Dr. Kayeen Vadakkan, Assistant Director, and Dr.Meena K Cheruvathur Additional Director (MCAR).MECSMC11 compost is enriched with essential bacteria that are capable of solubilizing microbial nutrients and maintain the nutrients balanced in soil. It helps to retain the water stress in plants


Department of Management Studies arranged a career guidance programme on 17th July 2019 at 2.00 to 3.00 pm by Sir. Sampath from Happy Valley Business School, Coimbatore. The programme was interesting and much interactive with the students. Several students participated in small games which shows the importance of career guidance and choosing the right form of career in their life.


SMCNPK18 (Biofertilizer) was launched by honorable minister for agriculture Adv. V S Sunil Kumar.SMCNPK18 biofertilizer was developed by Dr.Kayeen Vadakkan, Assistant Director Marian Centre for Advanced Research (MCAR) and team.SMCNPK18 is a bacterial consortium that directly dissolves in the soil as NPK. It can be multiplied and maintained in porridge water, supplemented by sugar and salt. It is very economical and feasible.


The Department of Psychology organized a one-day event, Palibot 2K19, an awareness of ecological influence on the human psyche, on 28th June 2019, Friday. It aims to introduce the branch of eco-psychology within the general public, so that, they can understand the role of nature in mental hygiene. There were three sessions. Nature related video was first screened and it was followed by giving relaxation through guided imagery. This made the audience to attain a state of peace of mind and relaxation, which helped them to have full involvement, and better concentration for the talk later on. The talk focused on nature and mental health, which included various phenomenon in psychology related to environment, like, concept of nature and nurture, emergence of environmental psychology, eco-therapy- its activities and techniques, etc. some tips were also provided regarding how an individual can connect more to mother nature, and how it would help them to improve their mental health. The talk was followed by a simple psychological test which helped them to understand their level of aspiration. The test was individually administered to all participants by the 2nd PG Psychology students. This gave an insight into the participants regarding their potentials and how they can set realistic and achievable goals in their future life.


Department of English in association with Community College organized a Regional Workshop on 26th June, 2019 in the Jubilee Hall, St. Mary’s College, Thrissur. The session was from 9:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. Ms. Rita Jose, a member of the British Council and an entrepreneur, handled the workshop. She has trained over 9000 students for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and won several accolades. The session dealt with three topics: Motivation, Personality Development and Presentation Skills. The interactive session encouraged the students to participate in the discussions followed. The programme was coordinated by Ms. Sony Chacko.


In connection with Reading Week, the Department of English presented a DEAR time, Drop Every Activity and Read on 25th June, 2019. The silent five minute was celebrated from 12:40 till 12:45. The whole college participated by reading for five minutes. The students and teachers were asked to bring a book of their own choice. The Dear time was coordinated by Ms. Sony Chacko.


The department of English and Community College of St. Mary's College, Thrissur jointly organized an Invited Lecture on Documentation, by Smt. Sreekala M, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Vimala College, Thrissur, on 24 June 2019 afternoon. The session covered the basics of documentation, like familiarizing our students with MS. Word, MS. Excel and MS Power point.The session were reported as informative by the feedbacks.


On 24th June 2019, a National Seminar on content writing was conducted by the Department of English and Community College, St. Mary’s College, Thrissur. The digital inauguration was done by Sr. Joel, and the felicitation was by Dr Bindu Ann Philip, Head of the Department of English. The morning session was handled by our resource person Miss Gayathri Krishna, Content Editor and Producer ETV Bharat, Hyderabad and the afternoon session by Mr Swathy Krishnan, CMO Roninaks, Bengaluru. There were 75 participants including students from St. Mary’s College, Vimala College, St. Aloysius College and Little Flower College.


International Yoga Day was celebrated by NCC students of our college at our college ground with great enthusiasm. 37 cadets of our college demonstrated various “asanas” followed by music. Warm-up exercises were taken and all the students NCC officer Lt Anu Alappat, GCI Asha and NCC officer from the battalion performed sitting and standing asanas. The importance of these was explained by Officer Maj Sheela Mathew. The celebration concluded with a speech by our Principal. She encouraged students to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration.


A Nipah awareness program was conducted by the Biochemistry Department and Health Club on 18th June 2019 at Jubilee Hall, St. Mary’s College, Thrissur. The class was taken by Dr Satheeshan T. V., District Programme Manager of the Health Department. Dr Deepa G. Murickan, Head of the Biochemistry Department delivered a welcome speech. Dr Satheesan started his class at 12 pm, by explaining the basics of human health. He dealt with topics of epidemic diseases and explained the harmful effects of Nipah virus. He also shared about the precautions and medications to overcome such a situation. He concluded his session at 1: 30 pm by sharing some necessary precautions to avoid most of the vector-borne diseases. The vote of thanks was rendered by Jisha George A, Assistant Professor, BCA Department.


In collaboration with EyeCare, Ministerial staff conducted an eye test “kazhcha 2019”. This camp was guided by Dr.Surya (MBBS-DO) in our Jubile hall. More than 356 staff, the public, and students have tested their eyes free of charge. It was indeed a great opportunity to serve such a lot of people.


Launchpad Casting Company organized a film audition for the students to play various roles in the upcoming movie ‘Kunjeldho’. 65 students from various departments were participated for the same. Launchpad team began audition by 9.30am and winded up by 1.00pm. They took photographs of the students and each student was asked to introduce themselves. In the second round, each student was given a limited time to share an experience.


In connection with World Environment Day celebrations the Department of English conducted an elocution competition on the topic ‘Bear Air Pollution’ on 13 June 2019 at St. Chavara Seminar Hall. Students from various department actively participated for the same. Students seriously took the topic and suggested solutions and shared ideas to beat air pollution. Dr. Kayeen Vadakkan of Department of Biotechnology, Dr. Sreelakshmi P Bhasker of Department of Chemistry and Ms. Sony Chacko of Department of English judged the competition. Winners: First Prize : Achanya Suresh of II BA English Second Prize: Priyanka Rajan of III B Com Third Prize : Shobitha Joshy of II BSW


The Department of Botany has introduced Marian Agri Nursery as entrepreneurship. Marian Agri Nursery was inaugurated by Honorable Minister for agriculture Ad V S Sunil Kumar. High yield and hybrid varieties of vegetable seedlings from Kerala agriculture university as well as other firms are equitably available in our nursery


An international conference on Trends and innovation in science arts and commerce has been conducted on 29th January 2019 at St. Mary’s college Thrissur. The conference was organised by Marian centre for advanced research in association with internal quality assurance cell. A total of 250 students and faculties from various college participated. The conference began at 10 am in the Chavara hall, by the welcome speech by Dr.Sr.Meena K Cheruvathur Additional Director MCAR, she invited the keynote speakers and all the participants. The presidential address was delivered by the Dr.Sr.Magie Jose Principal St Mary’s College, she pointed out the need for research and the relevance of new innovations in the field of science, arts and commerce. The one day conference was divided into two sessions. The morning sessions were for invited talks. The lectures were handled by Dr Finosh G Thankam Post Doctoral researcher, Creighton University school of medicine, Omaha, USA. He spoke on ‘Tendon regeneration, matrix biology, molecular pathology and tissue engineering’. The second lecture was by Dr Malathi, Assistant professor at Kerala Agricultural University on ‘Meta-genomics’. The entire session was interactive and the speakers answered many queries raised by the participants. After the keynote lectures, the releasing ceremony of conference proceedings was held by Dr Finosh. As an expression of gratitude, the speakers were felicitated with mementoes and certificates. The session came to an end at 1 pm by the Vote of thanks by Dr Julie P Lazar IQAC coordinator. The afternoon session began at 2:30 pm after lunch. Students and faculties from various college participated in the Paper presentation held on various streams of Science, Arts and Commerce. Various e presentations were also invited.The session was chaired by efficient faculties. It was a platform for emerging researchers to present their new ideas in front of the scientific world. The conference created the awareness and need for new technologies and ideas for a better tomorrow. The session came to an end by 3:30pm.


IQAC, St. Mary's College, Thrissur conducted a research paper presentation competition 'IGNITE 2019' for PG students of all science disciplines of the College on 30th January 2019. Students from Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer science, Mathematics, Microbiology, and Psychology Departments were participated in programme. The main venue of the event was St. Joseph Seminar Hall and the parallel sections were held in different class rooms of the college. Participants were instructed to present their own genuine research works to ensure the credibility of the competition. Research paper presentations of each departments were evaluated by the expert committee of the disciplines concerned. Out standing works of each disciplines were awarded with best presentation. The programme became a grand success with 96 presentations of on diverse topics. Through the programme the students got a golden opportunity to present their works before an eminent science faculty. Through the discussion session the faculty critically evaluated the theme, content and method of presentation of each student. The session was a valuable experience to students to compare and evaluate the quality of their presentation.


Republic Day Celebrations has been organized to commemorate the 70th Republic Day, where, we Indians, fervently bow to the Constitution, soldiers, our nation’s culture and the soul of its people. The celebration commenced with the hosting of the national flag at sharp 8.30 a.m., followed by the march past done by the NCC cadets. After that, our college Principal, Dr. Sr. Magie Jose, delivered the republic day message. Added to it was the speech by the staff representative, Mrs. Divya Menon. It was followed by NCC song. Next was a speech on republic day delivered by cadet Achanya Suresh. And the program was concluded with the national anthem. Finally, sweets were distributed by the Principal to all who were gathered for the occasion.


Department of Biotechnology, has organized an awareness talk as a part of Science Popularization Programme (supported and sponsored by KSCSTE) on the topic “Sampanna Malinyam” by Dr.D.Girija ( Professor and Head,Dept.of Agricultural Microbiology,KAU,Thrissur) on 16th January 2019 at Janakinath hall, Pushpagiri Brahmana Samooham,Poonkunnam,Thrissur. College Principal Sr.Dr.Magie Jose distributed Biobins to selected appartments (Omega Ramarajyam,Saketh Appartment,Temple view ,Narayana Homes ).An exhibition on “solid waste management practises” was arranged by Clean City group ( Thrissur Corporation)


A workshop has been organized by the English Department on 10th January, 2019 for II and III UG English Literature students. The workshop commenced at 8:30 am in the Jubilee Hall. The three hour session was resourced by Ms. Aswathi Dinil Shanker, a trainer and a life coach. She is the founder of Samatva Centre for Excellence and an NLP Practitioner. Another resource person was Mr. Riyas A.F, an NLP Practitioner and co-founder of Samatva Centre for Excellence. The classes were really beneficial for the students. Students actively participated in every activities.


Graduation Day is a day full of joy, pride and accomplishment. This day will be cherished and remembered with mixed feelings by the teachers and parents who are proud of the way the students have achieved what they have learnt. Congratulations to the proud parents of the budding graduates who are now ready to step into the arena of formal education. St. Mary’s College, celebrated the Graduation Day on Monday, the 7th of January 2019 in its campus. The celebration started with the academic procession in which the dignitaries namely- Prof. Dr Rajan Gurukkal P M, Vice Chairman, Kerala State Higher Education Council, Thiruvananthapuram; Dr Jayanand B., Principal, Govt. Engineering college, Thrissur; Prof. Dr. Molly Kuruvila, Department of Women’s Studies, University of Calicut; Sr. Anija CMC, Corporate Manager, St. Mary’s College; Dr. Sr. Ritty J Nedumpara CMC, Educational Councillor, Nirmala Province; Dr. Sr. Magie Jose, Principal, St. Mary’s College and the Heads of various departments ushered the occasion. Sr. Anija CMC, declared the Graduation Day open. Our Principal welcomed the gathering followed by the presentation of academic results by the Academic Council Secretary Dr Josepheni Joseph. The Vice Chairman of KSHEC, Prof. Dr Rajan Gurukkal, rendered the Graduation Speech. Dr Jayanand B provided an opening address. Complying this, the nearly 400 students from various departments received their Graduation Certificates. Our Vice Principal Dr Sr. Meena K Cheruvathur recited the pledge to the Graduates. Prof. Dr Molly Kuruvila, in her special address, emphasized the relevance of women education and exhilaration. Dr Sr. Ritty J Nedumpara CMC furnished with the motivational address. A glance of our Alma Mater was screened through a short video. Sr. Anija CMC, dissolved the ceremony with the National Anthem.


The Life Guidance Cell of the college organised a Life Guidance class for UG 3rd year and PG 2nd year students on 4th, 5th and 6th of December 2018. The class was handled by the well known Family Counselling expert Rev. Fr. Paul Pottekkal CMI , more familiarly known as Pottekal Achan. The program started by 9 am at Jubilee Hall of St. Mary’s College,Thrissur in the presence of our most beloved principal Sr.Maggie Jose with a prayer song and a welcome speech. The session dealt with real life situations happening in the budding lives of youngsters where a downfall happens in them later. His class was that interesting,funny as well as informative for the young buds of St.Mary’s. He very well illustrated both the positive and negative side of people in the society. The main topic of the class was about how one should spend the marital life in the most peaceful manner. He also pointed out that it is not education that plays role in the marital life and it’s one’s attitude that matters the strength of life.The second day of the session dealt with men and women biology and how sex should be maintained as sacred and secret. Queries were accepted from the student side and father very well cleared those queries. The session ended with sharing of experiences from the class. The whole session was of most valuable and informative and students were capable to understand how one should live life happily and how one should love a person in the right manner.


On 18th July 2018 the Post Graduate Department of Commerce conducted a National Seminar on the topic “INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARDS”. The session was inaugurated by Mr. T G Sugunan, CMA, Brahmos Aerospace, Trivandrum and he also provided a valuable and informative talk on IFRS. The second session handled by Mr. Abhilash K S, Lead financial specialist E Power India Ltd, Uttarpredesh, on the application of IFRS in accounting practices. The afternoon session was used for paper presentations on the topic IFRS. That session was chaired by Dr. Murali E, HOD Sri.C Achuthamenon Govt College, Kuttanellur.