• dehazeStudent's Feedback

    Part A

    What do you think about the subject taught in the course

    Do the teachers communicate the subject effectively

    Do the teachers encourage student participation in class

    Do the teachers contribute to your personality development

    Is the Internal Assessment effective

    How far is your course helpful for higher education and employment

    How well is the discipline of the institution maintained

    How far are the talks and seminars helpful in Value Education

    How far are the talks and seminars helpful in Job Awareness

    How do you assess the opportunities for sports and other- extracurricular activities?

    Does office function effectively in fee collection, examination work etc.

    How do you assess the following

    a) Library

    b) Lab and computer facility

    c) Hostel

    d) Canteen and Leisure Bower

    Part B

    Do you think that the good reputation and academic excellence of the college were factors in seeking admission to this institution?

    Does the college offer you chances for social service through CSS, NSS, NCC, Outreach Programmes etc?

    Does the college provide value education through Tutorial classes ,talks, seminars, orientation etc?

    Are there adequate library and computer facilities to promote research culture?

    Does the college have disciplined and value based culture?

    Are there talks on life guidance, career guidance and placement?

    Are the teachers helpful in your personal needs?

    Has the team work culture of the college helped you to become better citizens?

    Has your personality improved after studying in the college?

    Would you like to be in touch with the college even after you leave it

  • dehazeAlumni Feedback

    Educational Qualification


    Post Graduation


    The learning I had in the College is useful in my professional life

    The training, extra- curricular activities and support has played a great role in shaping my personality

    The College has introduced new courses/programmes to meet the requirements of modern times

    The College has been taking efforts for the upliftment of socially and economically disadvantaged section of the society

    The College is taking sincere efforts to enhance its status by providing quality education and holistic development

    There has been considerable improvement in infrastructural facilities of the College

    The College supports its alumni for future academics

    The College involves its alumni in its activities

    The College organizes regular alumni meeting

    I am proud to be a St Marian

    How do you keep in touch with the Institution ?

    How can you contribute to the Institution?

    How often do you visit the Institution?