Research / Marian Centre for Advanced Research(MCAR)


The idea of a common research Centre under the banner of St. Mary’s College was conceived during late 90’s. The major objective of such research facility was to coordinate and conduct inter disciplinary research projects campaigning various science departments of the college. In the initial stage the facility was known as IRC (Interdisciplinary Research Centre). In the year of 2017 the common research facility was renamed as Marian Centre for Advanced Research popularly known as MCAR. It works with its major objective that of promoting science into day to day bridging the gap between academia & layman.

Governing Board


Dr. Sr. Magie Jose,
St. Mary’s College,Thrissur

Additional Director,

Dr. Sr. Meena. K. Cheruvathur,
St. Mary’s College,Thrissur

Assistant Director,,

Dr. Kayeen Vadakkan
Assistant Professor,
Department of Biotechnology
St. Mary’s College,Thrissur

Services Provided

  • Academic Projects
  • Internship
  • Certified Program
  • Research Workstation
  • Contractual Research