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Walk With a Scholar(WWS)

Walk With a Scholar (WWS) Programme is a specified mentoring programme started and funded under the “New Initiatives in Higher Education” of the department of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala. The programme aims at mentoring the topper level students for a bright future. This scheme introduces the idea of mentoring to under graduate students and builds on the concept of mentor as a ‘Guide’ and ‘Friend’. Mentoring is a process where a mentor with greater experience and wisdom guides the mentee to develop both personally and professionally.

As the part of the program, WWS commenced in our college from 2014- 15 academic year under the coordination of Dr. Hemamalini (Department of Malayalam). Dr. Bincy Joseph (Department of Chemistry) was the college level coordinator for the academic years 2015-16 and 2016-17.The programme was not executed by the Government in the year 2017-18. The programme was restarted in the academic year 2018-19. Dr. Sr. Smitha Rose C G. (Department of Mathematics), is the college level coordinator from then onwards. At present, there are 90 mentees under this scheme and 15 teachers of the college are deputed as internal mentors of these mentees. Each internal mentor is assigned the charge of six mentees. There are also external mentoring sessions according to the suggestions given by the state level coordinator. Free Motivational camps and visits are the main attractions of this programme. Our Alma Mater is giving due concern for the excellent and complete execution of the programme.

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Coordinator (WWS) Programme:

  • Dr. Sr. Smitha Rose C. G.
    Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, St. Mary’s College, Thrissur


Scholar Support Programe(SSP)

Scholar Support Programme An initiative of higher education , government of Kerala , designed  to   improve  the learning capacity  of students   and equip  them  in acquiring  additional knowledge,  the objective of this program  is to provide additional mentoring  classes  for selected  students  of 5 different  department  of our college  like  Botany , chemistry ,mathematics , history  and economics  only from government aided coursers. The selection process of the children are based on their percentage of mark and other academic performances, it was started in our college in 2014, now we have 150 students.  the programme is  found to be very and effective and  useful for the students of various departments, addition to  the  regular mentoring classes, the scholars have additional  advantages  like,  study materials, refreshments etc are provided. Scholar support programme is also arranging external mentoring classes for personality development and career building.

The Directorate of Collegiate Education is implementing the Programme. Rs 85500/- for the implementation of the Programme for 40 selected first year students of Under Graduate Programme. The Programme should have a college level coordinator. The College Council function as a Monitoring Committee for the Programme and meet once in two months at least to evaluate the Progress of the Programme. Classes are engaged by internal and external mentors.

Coordinator : Dr.Geetha - Department of Chemistry


Additional Skill Acquisition Programme(ASAP)

Foundation course comprises of communicative english and IT skills. Duration of foundation course is 180 hours. Besides foundation course asap is providing professional skill courses for the students. The following are the skill courses offered by asap in the year 16-17(Total no. Of students 31)


Skill courses offerd in the year 17-18(Total strength 32)


Skill courses for the current year(Toatal strength 32)


Scholar Assistants Programe(SAP)

Faculty/ class tutors takes initiatives to identify the slow learners or students who are in need of special attention, through mentoring or on basis of their class performances. For the upliftment of slow learners and to promote them academically and for enhancing their personality development the College has initiated Scholar Assistance Programme. All the deserving students who does not come under the purview of Scholar Support Programme, new initiatives of Govt. of Kerala are part of SAP.

Various activities under SAP include:

  • Mentoring
  • Enabling/Remedial Sessions
  • Test Papers
  • Quizzes
  • Simplified notes
  • Buddy learning
  • Peer Competitions
  • Mock Viva

College level Coordinators:

  • Smt. Shitha Francis, Asst Prof on Contract, Dept of Statistics
  • Dr. Sini Thomas M, Asst Prof on Contract, Dept of Economics

Be With the Scholar(BWS)

“Be with Scholar” is a mentoring program functioning under the initiation of St. Mary’s College, Thrissur. This scheme introduces the idea of mentoring to under graduate self-financing students and builds on the concept of mentor as a ‘Guide’ and ‘Friend’. Mentoring is a process where a mentor with greater experience and wisdom guides the mentee to develop both personally and professionally. At present, there are 54 mentees under this scheme and 12 teachers of the college are deputed as internal mentors of these mentees.

Core values

  • Leadership
  • Goal settings and career
  • Technological Literacy
  • Communication and onstage
  • Value system and emotional maturity
  • Research and higher studies

College level Coordinators:

  • Smt. Manasy Jayasurya, Dept. of Computer Science & Applications
  • Smt. Rasmi M, Dept. of Computer Science & Applications