The quantum of E-waste, being generated in the state, has leap flogged many fold in the last decade and is assuming humongous proportions. In an effort to ensure that the E-Waste emanating out of the villages, are recycled and disposed off scientifically. We had made arrangements to collect E-Waste from all the departments of St.Mary’s College, Thrissur for scientifically recycling the same in association with Clean Kerala Company limited which is a leading recycling organization under the Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala. Collection of e-waste from various villages and organisations of Thrissur district was conducted at Thrissur civil station on 07/06/2018 and it was inaugurated by Smt.P.Marykutty, Deputy Director of district Panchayath Thrissur. Our department conducted a class wise competition to collect e-waste from all the students and submitted those to the collectorate on 07/06/2018. The class with highest number of e-waste materials was awarded with a special prize. The main goal of the mission was to clean polluted Kerala and have a face of cleanliness. The venture was implemented successfully in the college and all the departments participated in the same to make it successful.