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Emergency water purification cartridge (Mentor: Dr Deepa G Muricken)
Students of microbiology department were mentored for developing “Emergency water purification cartridge’ under the guidance of Dr. Deepa G Muricken. The project was awarded 3rd prize in the state level innovation competition YUVA mastermind. The product is easy to carry and can be used anywhere. It is not power operated and water testing analysis shows that it is compatible with any of the available methods used now a days. It can be used as a water purification method in any difficult situations.

MasterBin (Mentor : Dr. Deepa G Muricken)
Dr. Deepa G Muricken from Biochemistry department mentored students of Devamatha CMI Public School for developing Master Bin. The project was selected as finalist in the state level innovation competition YUVA master mind. A combined method of mosquito trap and biowaste management process was developed. The system provides a faster rate of biowaste decomposition. The kitchen waste from houses can be converted usable manure for enriching soil and thereby increased production in agriculture field. The method is simple and easy to handle.
The waste management process developed here yielded good quality compost in very short duration than any available methods. An awareness class and waste management process using this method was given to corporate road residents association Thrissur as a community extension programme. The residents were taught to use this method for the waste management in their houses.


Emergency water purification cartridge (Mentor: Dr Deepa G Muricken)
Dr. Deepa G Muricken of Biochemistry department mentored students of MSC Microbiology for the development of biogenic wound healing material. The project was selected for the finalist of state level innovation competition YUVA mastermind. The product has to be patented after completing some studies


Herbal Mosquito repellent (Mentor: Dr. Deepa G Muricken)
Department of Biochemistry initiated PG students of biotechnology and microbiology to participate in Yuva mastermind programme conducted by ‘Malayala Manorama’ daily and secured second prize in the contest including Rs. 60,000, Award and Prasthipathram. The programme was intended to enhance the research aptitude in students by doing a short project in an applied field
Project title: Synthesis of Herbal mosquito repellant
We developed a very simple method for the synthesis of an herbal mosquito repellent using Herbal extracts. The repellent was very effective and safe in repelling mosquitoes.
Sales of repellent:
Sales of herbal mosquito repellent was conducted during YUVA mastermind exhibition and also in College. Repellent sales were conducted in college based on the demand by public and also by staff and students of the college. Based on the information from newspaper lots of queries and demand was there from the public. Repellent sales were conducted to the public during exhibition and also through courier services.