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Audit Course

 Audit courses 

                These are courses which are mandatory for a UG programme from 2019 admission students onwards under University of Calicut, but not counted for the calculation of SGPA or CGPA. There shall be one Audit course each in the first four semesters. These courses are not meant for class room study. The students can attain only pass (Grade P) for these courses. At the end of each semester there shall be examination conducted by the college from a pool of questions (Question Bank). The students can also attain these credits through online courses like SWAYAM, MOOC etc (optional). The list of passed students must be sent to the University from the colleges at least before the fifth semester examination. The list of courses in each semester are given below. 

Semester Name of the Course Link
I Environment Studies Download
II Disaster Management Download
III Human Rights Download
IV Gender Studies Download

Committee Members:

1. Smt. Prasanna R. Kovath, Department of Biotechnology

2. Smt. Rasmi. M, Department of Computer Science & Applications

3. Dr. Julie P. Lazar, Department of Economics

4. Dr.Litty Mathew Irimpan, Department of Physics