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Name  Year of Recognition  Name  Year of registration  Title of the thesis  Year of award of Ph.D.   
Dr. Sr. Magie Jose  2011  Department of Mathematics, St. Mary's College   Sowmya K 2014 A Study of Clifford Algebra & Its application in Robotics    
K.L Swarna  2015 Applications of fuzzy soft matrix theory in decision making problem     
Sukanya K.P  2015 Common fixed point theorem for maps in fuzzy matric and g-matric Spaces    
Tintumol Sunny   2015  Studies on interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy line graphs and its properties.    
 Shahana A.R  2019 Study of generalised fuzzy normed spaces    
 Magi. P.M 2019  Study of the spectral properties of graphs derived from commutative rings    
Dr. Parvathy K.S     2011   Department of Mathematics, St. Mary's College      Sr.Jorry T.F 2014  Study of irregularity in graphs with emphasis on totally segregated graphs  2020  
 Reeja Kuriakose 2014  Studies on weighted and signed domination number of graphs    
Farisa M  2014  Studies on labelling of graphs    
 Lekha A 2015  Domination in graphs and fuzzy graphs    
 Megha P.M 2015  Characterization of graph properties using the concept of groups    
Mohammed Nishad Maniparambath 2017 A Study on problems of graph labelling    
Dr. Anjaly Kishore, Asst. Prof,Vimala College  2018  Department of Mathematics, St. Mary's College     Sinu N. Vijayan  2019 Studies on graphs and hypergraphs of algebraic structures - A Topological Approach     
 Viji A M 2019  Study of measure theoretic approach to graphs using algebraic structures and its dynamics    
 Alphy Jose 2019 Study on the spectra of some graph operations with emphasis on their applications    
 Diviya K D 2019  Study on distance related concepts of networks and its properties    
Dr. Sr. Philomena C F,Principal, L F College, Guruvayoor  2019 Department of Mathematics, St. Mary's College  Smitha.P 2019  Study of graph theoretic and spectral properties of Ramanujan graphs    
Dr. Regi Raphael K 2013 Bharathiar University

Alby Alphons Baby  2013 Pharmacognostical, pharmacological and phytochemical screening of bauhinia phoenicea wight & ARN, an endemic plant of southern western ghats   2018  
Dr.Rekha K  2019 Department of Botany, S N College, Nattika Athira Krishnan  2020  Studies on pteridophyte diversity of Akamala Forest Station, Thrissur and development of in- vitro propagation strategies for some rare species    
Dr. Sr. Meena K Cheruvathur 2020 Department of Botany, St. Thomas College, Thrissur  Blessy Santhosh 2020  Transcriptomic analysis of genes involved in Potassium solubilisation of rhizosphere acclimatised bacteria and it's effects on plant growth regulation    
Dr. Bindu Ann Philip 2020 Department of English, Vimala College, Thrissur Noble A Paliath 2021 The Lure of the Normal: Researching Depictions of Disability in Select Young Adult Graphic Narratives    
Shine Santhosh 2021 Trauma Mediates Criminality: A Study Contextualizing Selet Tamil and Malayalam Movies