Research / Seminars organized

Seminars / Workshops / Conferences organized

Date Department Title of Seminar Level Collaboration Activity Report
28/11/2021 Commerce National webinar on Investment Portfolio (Entrepreneurship) National   Download
16/11/2021 Vocational Studies International Webinar : IT Industries before and after Covid-19 (IPR) International   Download
29/10/2021 Vocational Studies Webinar on "How to begin a cyber security career and secure yourself from online threats" College Red Team Hacker Academy Download
25/10/2021 Commerce Women Entrepreneurship College Rural self employment training institute, Thrissur Download
19/10/2021 Computer Science & Applications Webinar on Cyber Security Awareness College Field Outreach Bureau, Govt. of India Download
27/09/2021 Commerce Webinar on 'Gateway to Financial Freedom' (Entrepreneurship) College State skill Mission under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship India Download
01-02/03/2021 Commerce Two Day International Conference On “Business Implications Of Covid – 19” ( Entreprenurship) College   Download
17/2/2021 Psychology Workshop on SPSS College   Download
10-15/02/2021 Management Studies Webinar series on Prepare for Future Careers (Entreprenurship) College   Download
27/1/2021 Vocational Studies Talk on "Story to screen" (IPR) College   Download
16/1/2021 Vocational studies State level webinar :" Trends on webportal" (IPR) State Softloom IT Solutions Ernamkulam Download
24-28/11/2020 History Local History Writing Workshop University K.K.T.M Government college Pullut Download
13/11/2020 Vocational Studies New Trends of Multimedia” (IPR) College   Download
11/9/2020 Vocational Studies Virtual corporate visit & Talk with Manager - UST Global Cochin(IPR) College UST Global Cochin Download
20/10/20 Commerce Research Oriented Invited Lecture On “Advanced Web Search Strategies” College Health info net E-Learning portal and website Download
13-15/10/2020 Commerce Three Day Workshop On Entreprenurship- Today’s Innovative Possibilities College   Download
08/10/2020 Chemistry My research journey through polymers to solid state NMR spectroscopy International KHALIFA University, Abu-Dhabi Download
21/08/2020 Computer Science and Applications Webinar on Online Predators and Hackers Targeting Youth College   Download
12/08/2020 Computer Science & Applications Webinar on NEP National Field Outreach Bureau, Govt. of India Download
06/08/2020 Biotechnology Research, Innovation and entrepreneurship in biotechnology sector National   Download
28/07/2020 Chemistry Overview of IPRs-Importance and impact of patents for Academics and Research product National Institute of Minerals and materials technology, Bhubaneswar Download
14.07.2020 English Webinar on Empowerment through Effective Communication international Frankfurt International school, Germany. Download
05/07/2020 English Webinar on Academic Writing and Research International Nizva College of Technology, Oman Download
04/06/2020 English Webinar on Handling Miscommunications in presentations and Public Speaking International Global LT Download
6/2/2020 Vocational Studies Online FDP on Creative Use of Tools and Methods for Online Teaching (IPR) College EDUFRAMES Download
18/02/2020 English &St. Mary’s Community College Career Development in Content Writing National   Download
02/10/2020 Commerce Seminar on gateway to financial freedom College Hedge School of Applied Sciences Download
22/01/2020 Computer Science & Applications Byteclix 2019 State   Download
12/12/2019 Chemistry One day Workshop- Let's Learn and Make College   Download
12/07/2019 Physics & Science Forum Workshop on Annular Solar Eclipse District Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishad, Thrissur Download
4,5,7/11/2019 Computer Science & Applications 3-day Workshop on CSS and Web Designing for II BCA College Tender woods Solutions, Pvt. Ltd ,Kalamassery Download
27-28/08/2019 Computer Science & Applications 2 day Workshop for III BCA College Tender woods Solutions, Pvt. Ltd ,Kalamassery Download
08/06/2019 MCAR, IQAC & Biotechnology Trends and Innovation In Science Arts And Commerce-TISAC International   Download
08/06/2019 Commerce Seminar on Investing in the Capital Market College Bombay Stock Exchange 2 Download
19/07/2019 Computer Science & Applications Computer Literacy Workshop for the differently abled children Regional St. Joseph Special School, Cheroor Download
29/06/2019 Social Work Seminar on Inclusion and Exclusion with special reference to the Children with Learning Disability National   Download
28-29/06/2018 Vocational Studies Two day state level Workshop On Python Programming State Aibot Technologies, Thrissur Download
28/06/2019 Vocational Studies Seminar on New ideas and trends in Advertising design College KELTRON, Thrissur Download
27/06/2019 English &St. Mary’s Community College Conference on Genre Pedagogy: Paradigms of Academic Writing International   Download
26/06/2019 Mathematics Workshop on Academic projects and Documentation Intercollegiate   Download
26/06/2019 Botany Seminar on Air pollution and its impact on ecosystem State KSCSTE Download
26/6/2019 English Workshop on Photo journalism Intercollegiate   Download
26/6/2019 English &St. Mary’s Community College Workshop on Interpersonal Skills Regional   Download
24/06/2019 English &St. Mary’s Community College Seminar on Content Writing National   Download
15-21/05/2019 Mathematics Workshop on Research Documentation College   Download
2-4/4/2019 Computer Science & Applications 3 days Workshop on UI designing (Industry-Academia Innovative practice College Tender woods Solutions Pvt. Ltd , Kalamassery Download
19/03/2019 Computer Science & Applications Workshop on The art of writing a research paper Intercollegiate CSCTA (Computer Science College Teachers Association) Download
28/2/2019 Chemistry  Seminar on Computational & Combinatorial Chemistry       Regional Chemind Download
26/02/2019 Vocational Studies Dreams Come True College Talkative Group, Thrissur Download
19-20/02/2019 Mathematics Two-day Orientation Programme for Research Scholars College   Download
15/02/2019 Commerce Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights College   Download
14/02/2019 Computer Science & Applications Seminar on Women Empowerment College Field Outreach Bureau, under The Ministry of Information and Broad Casting, Official Media Unit of The Goverment of India Download
02/11/2019 Biotechnology & MCAR Seminar on Fundamentals of Biostatistics State   Download
02/08/2019 Commerce Seminar on Risk Management in LIC College LIC Download
6-8/2/2019 Microbiology Seminar : I am & I will-Healthy ways to beat cancer State KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala & DST, Govt. of India Download
02/05/2019 Biotechnology & MCAR Seminar on Microbiological Techniques State   Download
04-05/02/2019 Vocational Studies Seminar on Visual effects & Script Writing National IMAGE, NSDC Partner, Thrissur Download
29-30/01/2019 Computer Science & Applications Annual Seminar Series BYTECLIX 2K18 State   Download
29/1/2019 MCAR, IQAC & Biotechnology Trends and Innovation In Science Arts And Commerce-TISAC 2019 International   Download
23/1/2019 Biotechnology & MCAR level In silico Drug Designing and Bioinformatics State   Download
01/10/2019 English Workshop on Strategies for Effective Communication College Samatva Centre for Excellence Download
01/03/2019 Biotechnology & MCAR Workshop on Biotechnological Techniques International   Download
17/12/2018 Commerce Workshop On Self Defense College Nirbhaya women cell Download
12/12/2018 Commerce Workshop on Capital Market Awareness College Hedge school of Applied Sciences Download
23/11/2018 Vocational Studies Workshop -Technothon -2K18 State Fabstudioz,Thrissur & Roninak Ventures, Ernakulam Download
23/11/2018 Biotechnology State level Swastha Shudhi-Science popularization programme - Training on remodeling of worn out plastics State KSCSTE Download
16/11/2018 Biotechnology One day Seminar on solid waste management State KSCSTE Download
11/07/2018 Biochemistry & Research Forum One day Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights College   Download
30/10/2018 Vocational Studies Character Design for Animation Film State De Paul College, Angamaly Download
24/10/2018 Computer Science & Applications Workshop on IOT College Network Systems Download
28/09/2018 Computer Science & Applications Research Workshop on the topic Measuring Academic Research: Role of Journal Indexing and Scientometrics” State CSCTA (Computer Science College Teachers Association) Download
19/9/2018 Chemistry Seminar on Changing Climate & Ozone Chemistry College KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download
27/7/2018 Biotechnology Seminar on Solid Waste and its Sustainable Development(SWASM) National KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download
26/7/2018 Vocational Studies Workshop on Python Programming College Fabstudioz, Ezuthachan Lane, Thrissur Download
25/7/2018 Vocational Studies Seminar on Content Writing College FAB Studioz & Roninak Ventures, Ernakulam Download
18/07/2018 Commerce Seminar on International Financial Reporting Standards National   Download
07/11/2018 Zoology Workshop on Breeding of fishes for aquaculture College   Download
06/08/2018 Biotechnology Seminar on new generation sequencing College Yaazh Xenomics Download
02/12/2018 Botany & Zoology Wetlands for substainable Urban Future College KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download
02/12/2018 History Malayala Sahithya Charithra Rachanayil Arnos Pathiriyude Sambavanae State Arnos Pathiri Academy Velur Download
02/06/2018 Vocational Studies Workshop on Photography Intercollegiate ACE Visual Media Download
19-20/01/2018 Psychology Seminar Behaviour Technology for Better Living National Steps for Skills Download
17/01/2018 Economics Seminar on Research Methodology in Social Science College   Download
12/12/2017 Computer Science & Applications BYTECLIX 2K17 State   Download
12/12/2017 Biotechnology workshop on vermicomposting-Swastha Shudhi-Science popularization programme State KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download
23-24/11/2017 Mathematics Workshop on Graph Domination and Labelling National KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download
22/11/2017 Commerce Seminar on Capital Market Awareness College Bombay Stock Exchange Download
30-31/10/2017 Vocational Studies Workshop on Angular JS State Acuwin Global pvt Ltd,Trivandrum Download
27/10/2017 ED Club Entrepreneurial Awareness Programme College District Industries centre, Thrissur Download
20/07/2017 Vocational Studies Seminar on Animation Intercollegiate Toons Animation, Trivandrum Download
7-8/2/2017 Zoology & Botany Habitat restoration and butterfly conservation National KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download
22/12/2016 Vocational Studies Seminar on Photography-PHOTIUS International   Download
19/12/2016 Computer Science & Applications SMAC (Smart Mobile Analysis And Cloud)&Light Computing (BYTECLIX-2016) - Annual Seminar Series National   Download
12/03/2016 Mathematics Workshop on Latex College   Download
11/01/2016 Zoology One day training in butterfly gardening State KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download
25/10/2016 Commerce Seminar on Introduction to Capital Market College Bombay Stock Exchange Download
27/09/2016 History Seminar on Archeology New Trends and Perspectives National Archeological Society of India Download
30/08/2016 Biotechnology Seminar-Phytochemical analysis of in vitro and in vivo generated medicinal plants College   Download
20/07/2016 Vocational Studies One Day Seminar on Soft boot camp-Furistic Software Development Practices Intercollegiate   Download
23-24/06/2016 Computer Science & Applications Workshop on Android Programming-Faculty Development Programme State iConnut IT Solutions, Thrissur Download
19/03/2016 Mathematics Workshop on LaTeX Regional   Download
18/02/2016 Computer Science & Applications BYTECLIX 2015 - Latest trends in software techniques State   Download
16/2/2016 Biotechnology Seminar & Placement Programme College VWR,Coimbatore Download
8-10/2/2016 Chemistry Seminar on Make in India-S&T Driven Innovations College KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala & DST, Govt. of India Download
02/07/2016 Economics Workshop on keep the Earth Alive College CMFRI, Kochi Download
1-8/2/2016 Mirobiology Seminar and Detection camp -Cancer among Women: Prevention & Treatment Strategies in connection with Cancer Awareness week -2016 College KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download
8-9/10/2015 Computer Science & Applications UGC sponsored National seminar: Data Mining in Cloud Computing National UGC Download
15/09/2015 Vocational Studies Workshop on Review evaluvation and action plan for UGC Community & B.Voc centers National NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation ) and SSC(Sector Skill Council) Download
15-16/09/2015 Economics UGC Sponsored National Seminar- Infrastructure & Economic Development-Present Scenario,Challenges and Future Options National Sponsored by UGC & Collaboration with South Indian Bank. Ltd Download
29-30/09/2015 History UGC Sponsored National Seminar Signature of Women in Environment Protection : A History of Abiding Struggles in India” National UGC Download
19/08/2015 Chemistry UGC Sponsored National Seminar: Recent Advances in Chemistry (NSRAC – 15) National Sponsored by UGC & Collaboration with Centre of Materials & Electronics Technology, Thrissur Download
07/10/2015 Vocational Studies Workshop on Print Media College Malayala Manorama,Thrissur Download
00/01/1900 Mirobiology One Week Awareness Programme on Monsoon Diseases - Prevention and Treatment College KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Download